Leading supplier of Polyware products to night clubs, bars and restaurants.

We are the leading provider of lightweight, high-performance polycarbonate glasses that possess a unique balance of toughness, optical clarity, dimensional stability, high heat/electrical resistance.

Beer Mug for Night Club, Bar, Restaurant
Margarita Glass for Night Club, Bar, Restaurant


Crack resistant

Polycarbonate is light weight but extremely durable and is the best alternative to plastic, acrylic and regular glassware. Polycarbonate has Passed SGS Product Safety Standards and guidelines. The thicker walls of our tumblers keep cold drinks colder for a longer period than glass and other thin-walled plastic versions and is stackable.


Our products are;


Dishwasher Safe





Amazing product! We were able to save over 50% by switching to Polyware from Acrylic. There is no dis-colorment, nor scratches from dishwashers. Thank you guys!

Box House Sports Bar

Seattle, WA

We are extremely happy with Polyware. Since switching to Polyware we were able to protect ourselves from broken glass injuries for our staff and customers.

Tia Lou's

Seattle, WA

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